History of George's Pub

From the late 1800's when the Paquette family first opened a place for loggers and others to get a good meal and a place to sleep, the building George's Pub resides became a landmark in Boulder Junction.  The tradition was carried on by Tippy Reible after purchasing the business from Bill Paquette.  The original George's came to life in 1966 and lasted until 1999.  Even though the name has changed a few time to JJ's and Junction Tap, most folks referred to the place as George's.  So, in 2017,  Mike and Sandi decided to stay with tradition and bring back the George's name.

Over the years, the location has been a favorite spot for the folks of Boulder Junction, visitors and fishing guides such as Porter Dean, Gene Schafter, Bill Gleason, Tom Swanson and others.

The following pictures were found in a time capsule in the ceiling of George's.  The capsule was put in the ceiling in 1940 and discovered by Tom Whitman in 2000.  Notice the signatures on the piece of paper.  Bill Paquette was the owner at the time and the bartender was Tippy, who purchased the bar from Bill in 1944.  The whole time the bar was named Tippy's and George's Steakhouse, the capsule was hidden in the ceiling (and Tippy never told anyone)!